Jun. 1st, 2007

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is, quite possibly, one of the best things i've ever tasted. Seriously. Like... fucking orgasmic coffee. But i think I might have drunken too much of it (i don't know, is two four cup pots too much coffee for an afternoon?) because it's three am and i'm still awake and i have to be to work in five hours and i'm really, really, really fucking hyper. Really hyper. And now I've got that damn breathe song stuck in my head

It irked me

Jun. 1st, 2007 04:10 am
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So, recently I've been annoyed by people not following what I believe to be proper etiquette and all out good manners. I'll give you two for instances.

One: I recently had an interview at the CC's Coffee House on Ambassador Caffery. I got there a few minutes early, as is my custom (and my ocd) with just about everything. The manager, Ronnie, asked me to go outside with him so he could conduct the interview. This is where the annoyance begins. When we got outside, he preceded to pull out a pack of cigarettes and began to smoke. Now, this annoyed me for two reasons. One, on a basic level, he didn't ask me if I minded if he smoked. Now, I don't always ask whenever I smoke around friends, because I generally know weather or not they mind. However, when I'm around new people, I do try and remember to find out first if they have a problem with smoking. Now, the next reason it annoyed me is because it was simply unprofessional. It is not proper etiquette to smoke during an interview. If I pulled out a pack of cigarettes when someone was interviewing me, they would most likely decide that I probably wasn't what they wanted in an employee, because it, to me, says that my attention is not solely on the interview. On a lesser note, I am attempting to cut back on how much I smoke and thus don't carry cigarettes with me much and if he was gonna smoke on the interview, he could have damn well offered me one too.

Two: People nowadays don't understand how to use the phone. There is a proper phone etiquette that should be used when calling anyone other than friends. I recently received a call informing me that I had been selected to take a random drug test (and that's a whole other annoyance that will most likely be addressed at a later time). Now, this is how the call went. My phone rang. I didn't recognize it, so I answered it with a tentative hello. The girl on the line asked for Heather. I said: This is she. Then she said: you have been selected to take a random drug test. Annoyance number one. When calling someone, one should always identify one's self. It is presumptuous to assume that they will know who you are and why you are calling. Now, I assumed that it was someone from the grand calling, as at the moment I have no other job. But what if I had? Then I would have had to ask who was calling, when that could have been avoided. Really, how hard is it to say this is soandso calling from the grand theatre. I then had to ask what I had to do in order to take said drug test (the answer was talk to a manager and get paperwork for starters). I should not have had to ask. It should have been stated. Had I been the one calling, the call would most likely have been along the lines of, Hi, this is Heather from the Grand Theatre. You have been randomly chosen to take a drug test. You will need to come to the theatre and pick up some paperwork from a manager as soon as possible. Really, how hard would that have been?

and on another note, still awake, five hours till work. it looks like i will be existing purely because of the glory of caffiene today.
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... and hyper as all hell. And it's been about five hours since I've had caffeine, too....

Anyways, I downloaded a new LJ client, semagic, which I am trying out right now. So far, I like it. It's like LJ meets microsoft word.

Also downloaded trillian, so that I can use aim and msn all at one time, as i have msn for only one person.

Bored, so if anyone else is on right now, they should so message me, cause I could use the company. Ooh.... or call... cause that would be wonderfully magical.

there needs to be a magical choice for moods. because magical should so be a mood. as should fantasmic.
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.... but i guess that's what three pots of coffee will do to a person. I've posted more times today than i have in the past month. I've been up since around 1300 yesterday and still going strong and hyper and at this moment i think i might just be running on pure adrenaline. I wonder how long this will last because I have to work till 1730 and then i was planning on going to the gym if i'm still functional. we'll see. well, this is definitely my last post for a while, because i'm gonna go find something to eat for breakfast and kill time till i have to be in work because i cant go in yet because even though i'm always early and hour and forty five minutes early is pushing it, even for me....


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